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Thursday, 16 October 2008

School Magazine

This is my contents page for my school magazine. I used a darker blue background but stll kept within the same colour scheme. However this time I used a white colour for my heading with a black font, to stand out. I used another image of Chelsea Halfpenny, but instead used a medium shot. I placed the image behind the font making sure that at the same time you are still able to read it. I did this by darkening the shadown on the font and editing the effects. I used two small images; one of gateshead stadium and one of Jodi Zoric and Jade Ward. I took a screenshot of the school magazine cover and placed that in with the heading at the top right hand side of the page.
At the top of the page I created a yellow square block and used a black font. I wrote a breif introduction; welcoming readers to the magazine.

For my project I produced a school magazine using photoshop, starring Chelsea Halfpenny. I took a variety of photographs which were medium close-up shots and picked the better quality image.
I used 3 colours for the cover; dark blue, light blue and yellow. I didnt want too many colours on the page as it would have been too much and difficult for the reader to read. I kept it simple.
I kept the font similar; only using two or three styles at the most.
I used two small images; one of the school stage and the other of the head teacher, placing them near the top of the cover, including them with a yellow shadow around them, to help make the page more eye catching. I made sure that the font on the magazine was bold and in capital letters, to make it stand out and grab the readers attention and also to be easy to read.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Music Magazine

I looked at various fonts and produced a range of them using different colour schemes, deciding on which one would look best on my magazine and represent a young female audience.

To receive additional ideas for my music magazine and look at typical conventions, I analysed various music magazines, ranging from different genres.

The magazine Blender is shown on the left. The genre of the magazine is a Hip-Hop Dance type. I like this magazine as the colour scheme and the way it is laid out stands out. There are 2 colours used, orange and black. You dont want too many colours as it would be too overwhelming may be dfficult for the reader to read. Also I like the style of the magazine. Its not too condensed instead its nice and simple; allowing the reader to understand it easily. The text of the name of the cover 'Blender' has been placed behind her head, which makes it look quite effective. The magazine uses a bold font, which stands out and is reliable for readers to be able to read the front cover. It is important tthe front cover has a good format and uses the right colours, because depending on what is on it and how effective it is, it will helpt o persuade customers into buying it. The model poses in a medium shot. The facial expression she gives is super-smiler; where she has a projected mood 'look at me' demanding look. There is also an element of an invitational pose as there is an emphasis on her eyes. Her mood suggests mischief or mystery. She is wearing black clothing which suggests sexual as black if often seen as being sexy.

Vibe magazine's genre is R&B. I quite like this magazine. I'm not to sure about the layout of the cover, as it seems like the text has been stuck anywhere and its too over condensed; however I do like the pose of the model. It is a medium shot with her posing with a camera. The facial expression is super-smiler; where she has a wide open toothy smile with a 'look-at-me' demanding look. The clothes which she wears, a white top and jeans is a casual look. The editor has made her look like she's not trying to hard to appeal and grab the readers attention. The colour scheme stands out well. 4 colours are used which are orange, blue, black and white. They all contrast well together. The orange and blue are the dominant colours. The font that is used is mainly in capital locks and is in bold. This will help readers find it easier reading front cover, especially from far distances.

Another Blender magazine is shown. This time, however the colour scheme is different, with it being blue, black and white, which seems to reflect a cooler atmosphere when compared to the other Blender magazine, previously which is above, that seems to have a warmer tone. Also the colour scheme seems to be aimed at a male audience. The colours are kept simple and are not over powering. The different use of colour helps make the magazine look attractive, while at the same time contrasting well together. Use of bigger font is used, for example the digit '20" near the bottom of the page. However there is also smaller font used, that may not seem as important to be advertised.
The photo is medium shot. The type of facial expression that she gives is called the 'chocolate box'. This is when the model shows half a smile, lips together, face to the camera with a warm, pleasing look. Her head covers some of the magzine's name. This shows that it is a well estabilished magazine and known world wide. The magazine uses an attractive model to help grab the audience's attention. She is seen wearing black, which is seen as sexy. She is central of the magazine and is looking directly at the camera, as if she is persuading the audience to purchase it. She is well cut out, which makes it look professional. The audience may be inspired by her fashion sense.
The headline is used to capture the audience's attention as well, who may be interested in this artist. They use a black, bold font which will stand out very well, making it easy for the reader to read.The page is not too condensed. It is presented nice and simple. Although, it does seem to have more text presented on it, making it look fitted together, tighter than the Blender magazine above.

The next Blender magazine shows more of a girly colour scheme with colours pinky purple, black and white. Therefore this tells us that this edition could be more for the female audience as it seems to be aimed at this gender. Looking at the above Blender magazine's both use the same font for the title 'Blender', while at the same time a d iagonal line going through the text. However, this is not the case here. It looks as though a different font style is used, with more of a bolder effect, although this may be because the colour black is being used, which makes the font look more dramatic. But no diagonal line appears in the text, which shows they have changed the style of the font slightly. The black and pinky/purple colours contrast effectively with the white colour background, making the text stand out and being relatively easy to read by the audience. Again the model's head is shown in front of the name of the magazine, showing the audience that is a well established magazine. The name of the artist 'Katy Perry' is shown on the left hand side of her, using a black colour font for 'Katy' then a pink/purple colour font for 'Perry', which is highly effective a sit catched the audiences attention with the ranges of colours contrasting together. Her outfit seems to fit in with the colour scheme, as she wears a different variety of colours including blues, purples, greens and yellows. It makes the magazine look well balanced. She has been cut out very neatly, with smooth edges which shows that the magazine company are very professional with their work. Her skins looks shimmery which could be because of the studio lights reflecting on her or maybe products she has used. This gives off a gentle, clean, summery impression. She is wearing a old type bikini, which makes her look elegant. She is very well toned, using a sexy and invitational pose, with a hint of a smile, suggesting mischief or mystery.This may be because she points out her bum and top half, which also can be seen as flirtatious. World wide artist names have been used in large and bold fonts to encourage the reader to purchase the magazine as it may be one their favourite artists.