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Thursday, 16 October 2008

School Magazine

This is my contents page for my school magazine. I used a darker blue background but stll kept within the same colour scheme. However this time I used a white colour for my heading with a black font, to stand out. I used another image of Chelsea Halfpenny, but instead used a medium shot. I placed the image behind the font making sure that at the same time you are still able to read it. I did this by darkening the shadown on the font and editing the effects. I used two small images; one of gateshead stadium and one of Jodi Zoric and Jade Ward. I took a screenshot of the school magazine cover and placed that in with the heading at the top right hand side of the page.
At the top of the page I created a yellow square block and used a black font. I wrote a breif introduction; welcoming readers to the magazine.

For my project I produced a school magazine using photoshop, starring Chelsea Halfpenny. I took a variety of photographs which were medium close-up shots and picked the better quality image.
I used 3 colours for the cover; dark blue, light blue and yellow. I didnt want too many colours on the page as it would have been too much and difficult for the reader to read. I kept it simple.
I kept the font similar; only using two or three styles at the most.
I used two small images; one of the school stage and the other of the head teacher, placing them near the top of the cover, including them with a yellow shadow around them, to help make the page more eye catching. I made sure that the font on the magazine was bold and in capital letters, to make it stand out and grab the readers attention and also to be easy to read.

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