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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Choice of Photographs

I took a variety of photographs at different shots and angles:

This image would have been good to use for the front cover of my music magazine, hiwever her hat was cut out and it would have also been difficult to cut.

This one was one of my favourite images as it was a high quality picture, but I felt as though it didn't match the theme of the magazine and was more model material which would have fitted better in the article page.

The image shown here is a medium shot. I liked the pose and thought it would have been easy to cut out, however she didn't look very happy; instead angry, which I didn't want for my front cover.

Again, a good pose from long shot, but her feet were cut out of the image, while the brightness of the light was too bright.

This image is a medium close-up shot, which is what I was aiming for to put on my front cover. However, I thought the hat looked quite cheap and not very realistic. It is also slightly cut off, but if it wasn't for them errors it would have been appropiate to place on the front cover.

This image was took in Jodi's house. She is wearing a different outit this time, which reflects the pop look much better, as well as her mood. The image was clear and easy to cut; however I didnt't think the expression on her face would capture reader's attention much as it didn't look very professional.

Although I didn't use this image in my final product, I felt I should've used it as it is a good quality medium close-up shot. However, with her bra straps being visible it didn't look very professional.

This is a medium shot. I liked the pose and expression on her face and I thought she carried off the pop princess look very well. Unfortunatley, the image wasn't as clear and good quality, as the lighting was quite dull.

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