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Monday, 4 May 2009


After handing out my Questionnaire, I received feedback on what people like to see on a magazine. It showed that people tend to buy music magazine’s once a week, where they would usually only pay around £2.10-£2.90. Therefore I would have to make my magazine a suitable price, with sufficient information in it. It also showed that they would prefer to see a pink and yellow colour scheme on the magazine. I followed this descision by using it for my colour shceme on my music magazine, as I thought it would attract them to purchase it. I also based the magazine on the genre of pop. I thought that this would link well with the colours, and match the theme. I made sure my magazine included many different interview s with various artists, as it showed in the Questionnaire that this was the public’s favourite feature. They also stated that they would prefer the font Hobo Std. I went with this choice and I am pleased that I did as it is a clear and eye catching font to use, as well as it being quite “cool” and young. For my front cover, I wasn’t sure whether to use a female or a male, so decided to place this question on my questionnaire to see what the audience would prefer. It showed that they would purchase a magazine either way; therefore because it was pop and I was using a pink colour scheme I thought it was only best to use a female model. I made sure to include photos, interviews , interesting stories and well known artists, as this is what the public felt made a good magazine, which was very important tp do.

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