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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

'Get Carter' Film

In class we watched a brief clip of the film 'Get Carter'. We were given a script, along with a digital camera and tripod; where we had to go out in the school grounds to film a real concept of our own version of the scene. This was just a case of training ourselves on how to use the camera and becoming familiar with it.

I worked with Rachel Talbot, Niomi Bolam, Sophie Liddle, Steph Ingram and Nicole Kelly, where we each took it in turns recording. Niomi played Jack, while Rachel played Albert. When watching the clip, we noted down the different camera positioning, angles and shots and the character's actions. This way we could produce similar scenes and present it realistically.
To maintain high quality footage with well balanced framing, we made sure that the small air bubble on the tripod was in the centre of the circle. If it was outside the circle, this would indicate it was inaccurate, which would result in a bad quality and positioned scene.

Below shows the script where we annotated the different conventions.

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