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Thursday, 15 October 2009

A2 Media Brief

For my project this year I will be producing a cross media production, where I will be promoting a package for a new film, which will include a teaser trailer, together with two of the following:
a film magazine front cover and a poster for the film, inspired by a well established film magazine.
I will be working with Rachel Talbot and Niomi Bolam. The genre of the film we have chosen to base our film on is Horror. We will each produce our own film magazine front cover and a poster for the film using Adobe Photoshop, however we will be creating the teaser trailer together. We will be shooting the footage and taking photographs using a digital and still camera; along with it's tripod to maintain high quality and to prevent blurring.


We will each have our own responsible role. My role will be to take photographs and to choose the locations, while also partake in some of the filming, whilst Niomi will be responsible for the planning/storyboards and filming and partake in cutting some of the music. Rachel will take the role for the editing and the music. We all will be helping each other throughout as we are working as a team; where we can express our opinions about the product, what could be improved on. For us to be given a certain part to concentrate on it will benefit us in many ways, where it will help us gain new skills and confidence of each technique.


Our trailer will be about three girls; one who is quite strange and unpopular and also new to the school while the other two girls will be quite popular and two best friends, who enjoy making fun out of people. Each girl will show a different type of character. There will be the main girl (Katie) who is the leader of the group where she is seen confident, bossy and laid back, while the other (Grace)will be the one who looks up to her and follows on her say so, do what she says and wary at the things she sometimes does, resulting in her panicking compared to her friend. It will start off with them inviting Angellica (new girl) to they're sleepover/party through msn. When she does attend they put something in her drink, and she ends up falling and hitting her head in the living room, which leaves her unconcious. The girls both panic at first, thinking she is dead. However, Katie is a lot more calmer and comes up with a plan of burying the body at a nearby forest. Grace, obviously is not sure on the idea and has her doubts, byt in they end they both swear to secrecy about the incident and to go on to live they're normal day to day lives. But this is the complete opposite to what happens. The trailer will show various scenes in a relatively fast moving sequence, where unexpectant, frightening things will happen to each girl, for instance being chased through a forest by the unknown. It will show the typical conventions such as the film's production company, the age certificate and the star credits, as well as different camera shots and reaction shots.


Sarah Maddison - Katie
Amy Etherington - Grace
Jodi Zoric - Angellica

We will be going outdoors, to various locations to film for our trailer and take photos for our magazine cover and poster, then editing the scenes on the software Final Cut, inside of school. The scenes will consist of different angles, shots and mise-en-scene.

Possible Locations


We will produce planning for our project where we will be analysing other horror film teaser trailers and their magazines. Any notes or rough sketches and storyboards will be scanned and placed on to our blogs where we will be showing the audience of how we want our trailer to be, what we will include and what it will look like. We will possibly record ourselves onto a podcast when discussing our plans of our project and then place this onto our blog. This will link to the multimedia skills and allow you to listen to our ideas and opinions.

Over the past few weeks in a group we have discussed our plans for our project, looking at the possible outcomes and thinking in depth of the most suitable location and the different shots, cuts and angles. Firstly, we started off by drawing a brainstorm and mapping our ideas down and then choosing the best and most interesting one. However, we had to be careful which one we chose as we didn't want our teaser trailer to be too difficult and complicated to film, but at the same time we wanted to make it look as realistic as possible, which would look exciting and capture the audience's attention. One key element was to film the scenes in plenty of different locations.

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