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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Questionnaire 2

Once we found out what genre of film we were doing (Horror) we handed out a Questionnaire, stating relevant questions to 30 people finding out what we should and shouldn't include in our film trailer.

How often do you watch horror films?
1. Everyday
2. Once a week
3. Once a month
4. Occasionally
5. Never

2 people picked everyday
8 people picked once a week
12 people picked once a month
7 people picked occasionally
1 person picked never

What do you think are the main conventions of a horror film?
1. Monsters
2. Blood
3. Death
4. Suspense
5. Ghosts

1 people picked monsters
7 people picked bloods
11 people picked death
7 people picked suspense
4 people picked ghosts

What do you think makes a good location for a horror film?
1. Beach
2. Forest
3. Graveyard
4. School
5. House

2 people picked beach
11 people picked forest
6 people picked graveyard
2 people picked school
9 people picked house

Who do you prefer to be a victim in a horror film?
1. Male
2. Female

12 people picked school
18 people picked house

What name sounds suitable for a horror film?
1. Sweetdreams
2. Midnight
3. Nightmare
4. Party House

12 people picked sweetdreams
5 people picked midnight
7 people picked nightmare
6 people picked party house

Should the trailer be in chronological order?
1. Yes
2. No

9 people picked yes
21 people picked no

What time period do you like a horror film to be in?
1. Olden days
2. Future
3. Present

6 people picked olden days
5 people picked future
19 people picked present

What makes you scared? (Pick 3)
1. Gore
2. Storms
3. Chase sequences
4. Screams
5. Ghosts
6. Blood
7. Weapons

Gore 19 points
Storms 3 points
Chase sequences 25 points
Screams 23 points
Ghosts 10 poins
Blood 5 poins
Weapons 5 points

Who do you like to see the most of?
1. The Hero
2. The Villain
3. The Helper
4. The Victim

9 people picked the hero
12 people picked the villan
1 people picked the helper
8 people picked the victim

What camera angles do you think are most effective in a horror film? (Pick 2)
1. Close up
2. Extreme close up
3. long shot
4. tilt
5. medium shot

close up 24 points
extreme close up 9 points
long shot 12 points
tilt 5 points
medium shot 10 points

What sound effects help to add tension to the film? (Pick 2)
1. Explosions
2. Wind
3. creaking
4. Bangs
5. Screams
6. whispering

Explosions 5 points
wind 9 points
creaking 12 points
bangs 12 points
screams 12 points
whispering 10 points

What is your favourite horror film?

We got a range of answers but 'the grudge' 'the ring' and 'hostel' seemed the mostpopular horror films.

Doing this helped give us more of an insight and a better idea of what the public prefer to see in Horror trailers. We would receive the public's feedback and reactions, where it would enable us to produce a trailer based on the answers given and help us acheive these results.

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