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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Review of 'Your Film'

Two film makers and ex students of Heworth Grange visited, where they gave a lecture on video production. They went through the pre - producution, production and post - production stages, as well as the various conventions where they showed the class what was expected. They went into specific detail sometimes, which helped a great deal as you receive a clearer idea of what is needed in your project and how to gain the highest possible results.

Pre - Production
Ideas, concepts, script, storyboards, planning, permissions, budget, casting, crew -up, pre interviews, research, define roles and responsibilities, location, scouting.

"Plan well, set realistic goals, map out a schedule, allow for set-back, be bold, aim high!"

Each person in our group will again, have our own responsible role, concentrating on what needs to be done and meeting deadlines. However, we will be working as part of team where we will be providing each other with benficial information and helping each other out, when necessary.

Filming, sound recording.

"The beef, keep the faith, stick to your plan, believe in the idea, get what you need!"

It is important that we know what music we will be using for our trailer soundtrack as it will help us film the appropiate scenes with the relevant location, to reflect the mood of the music. For instance, if something unexpectant was going to happen, where it will keep the audience waiting and it was going to take place in a dark location, we would use a low pitch, slow sound where it would begin to get faster and eventually leading up to a frightening high pitch noise. (This would represent the mood of the person and the atomosphere.)

Post - Production
Video capture, logging, video editing, sound design, music, graphic design, effects, animation, titles, voiceover, sound effects, foley.

"It all comes together. Stick to your plan but allow for creative licence."

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